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This page is the place where I share news articles that I think are relevant to Discover Santosha and to you. Some are about stress, some about happiness, others about general health and wellness. Sometimes they’ll just be things I find interesting or quirky!

01.22.20 Ever wonder why people’s hair turns grey when they experience stress for a prolonged period? Check out this news from the New York Times:

Stress Really Does Make Hair Go Grey Faster

01.20.20 We hear a lot about inflammation and anti-inflammatory diets for better health. This piece in the Washington Post lays out all the connections between inflammation and disease, as well as the causes of inflammation – including chronic stress:

Chronic Inflammation is Long-lasting, Insidious, Dangerous. And you may not even know you have it.

12.17.19 This is an interesting podcast about the work that Gallup has done in researching well-being, especially as it relates to the workplace:

What’s the Difference Between Happiness and Wellbeing?